BREAKING NEWS IN GOSPEL: Tasha Cobbs-Leonard Will Move to Greenville, SC to Become The New Praise and Worship Leader of Relentless Church

Yes! You heard it here first (see live video below taken yesterday), Tasha Cobbs was officially announced by upcoming new Pastor, John Gray, as new praise and worship leader of what will soon be named Relentless Church.

Redemption Church, will officially be given over to Pastor John Gray in May. Apostle Ron Carpenter recently stepped down to accept a senior pastor-ship role in California. Jubilee Christian Center is an even larger mega church in San Jose, known for launching the career of Ron Kenoly.

“Why would God choose Greenville to launch revival?” 

John gray asks that question during service on Sunday and begins to tell the congregation his assignment and vision for the leadership and membership who will stay in Greenville, S.C. as well as to the new leadership and membership Gray brought with him. Pastor John Gray has will maintain his role at Lakewood Church where he is an associate pastor for Pastor Joel Olsteen.

I don’t think the body of Christ has experienced transition on this level. The world is looking to see how we respond. The devil got angry because he couldn’t stop what God was doing and then we gave him a black eye because a white man gave his church to a black preacher in a southern state and said ‘Take that devil!” And we will stay diverse, and we will stay honoring of every part of our culture, and it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from, you will be welcomed in this house.
Some days we gon’ shout like the old black church mothers. Then we gon’ sing some Gaither Vocal Band. We might sing some hymns. We might do a little classical because everyone comes from a different place and we’re gonna honor every tradition, but most of all we’re going to lift up the name of Jesus.

The church once again goes into an uproar which never really died down since praise and worship or even since the announcement was made.

Tasha and John Gray have been a dynamic duo, teaming up to minister several times at Lakewood church and beyond (see Awakening Revival 2018) Tasha, who is also recently married, is a first time grammy award winning artist who broke into the music industry with her independent project, Smile. Tasha Cobbs- Leonard will officially move to South Carolina to start her new role in May.


Todd Galberth will remain at Relentless as both mainstream singers become cohorts in the role of praise and worship leader. Stay tuned for more coverage about this powerful transition in the southeast.


  1. Wow! Greenville, SC never thought anything would be happening in Greenville! My favorite artist Tasha Cobb-Leonards and Pastor John Gray, that is a team! Greenville the home of my parents they lived also in a small town called Easley, SC right down the road! Our Family Reunion will be held there this summer! I keep hearing more and more about Greenville and I live in Atlanta! I wanted to come to that church when Apostle Ron Carpenter was pastoring, but never made it! I am for Apostle Carpenter venturing on and Pastor John Gray stepping in! God move His people around!

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    1. Yes I know Easley Jean. And none of us really saw this coming. I’m glad about it and yet I really miss Pastor Ron and Hope. Their anointing is unfathomable. If only some realized it while they were here. I’m excited about John Gray too. Check out my next article which will talk more about him.


    1. It is an awesome phenomenon. Please hit my Facebook like page at your earliest convenience and also if you send me your email. I will put you on the mailing list for the upcoming website.


  2. Hello, nice article except Ps. John Gray has not moved on from Lakewood church! A key MISSED aspect is that he is still an associate pastor there primarily in charge of mid week services, & will not take new Senior Pastoral role until May. The church name does change until May, and he will still be on staff at Lakewood while Pastoring the church God has given him to rebrand and rename from Ps. Ron.

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      1. Aventer Gray please keep in mind your Minister Sonya Gray of Redemption who prophesied this morning around 5am that I would be contacted by one of you. Alas, you sent me this message as I was walking into the hospital to see her.


  3. That’s great! I’m not sure who that is, but I pray she gets well soon. It’s much more to the worship part and we can’t wait to share it all. It’s sooo much more… Blessings!

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  4. Amazing news! It’s great to see it all unfold….even from early on in TN to GA and now TX/SC, CA. What’s great is that God is doing a new thing….a shifting, and He’s yet Very present in the midst of it all. I pray God’s greatest blessings and peace throughout the transitions! Can’t wait to see what else the Lord has done and is doing!! #THWinning #TheVisibilityStrategist
    Hi Mrs. Gray!!
    IGR: Kudos to your writing journey!


  5. That’s awesome!! Can’t say it’s a surprise though. After I watched the Awakening 2018 clips on YouTube, I was waiting on the announcements. There flow was awesome!! I live in Manning, SC and I most definitely always loved Apostle Ron Carpenter’s ministry and Pastor Gray and his comical method…. So Redemption will be blessed to have them both. I am definitely a fan/follower of Tasha Cobb Leonard and it would be great to see more from her and Todd Galberth,who I am a fan/follower of as well. Kingdom can’t do nothing but hit the earth now after this transition!!!!


  6. I’m looking forward to visiting when the Grays arrive!!! I’ve followed his Ministry for a while on tv. I Pray that God Will Make the Crooked Straight, And Bring on the Latter Rains with their arrival!

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